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Current issue | No. 7. July 2016
Original articles

A new model of paired clinical teaching of international and Danish medical students

Dina Cortes, Anja Pinborg, Grete Teilman et al

Lung cancer in younger patients

Leda Abbasowa & Poul Henning Madsen

Latent tuberculosis infection is prevalent among socially marginalised citizens in Aarhus, Denmark

Nina Breinholt Stærke, Ole Hilberg, Christian Wejse et al

Danish patients are positive towards fees for non-attendance in public hospitals. A qualitative study

Stina Lou, Michal Frumer, Steen Olesen et al

Protocol article

Immunoglobulin for necrotising soft tissue infections (INSTINCT): protocol for a randomised trial

Martin Bruun Madsen, Theis Lange, Peter Buhl Hjortrup et al

Systematic reviews

Male circumcision does not result in inferior perceived male sexual function – a systematic review

Daniel Mønsted Shabanzadeh, Signe Düring & Cai Frimodt-Møller