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Current issue | No. 4. April 2016
Original articles

Recurrence rates and survival in a Danish cohort with renal cell carcinoma

Nessn H. Azawi, Helen Tesfalem, Karina Sif Søndergaard Mosholt et al

Preoperative blood glucose and prognosis in diabetic patients undergoing lower extremity amputation

Raj Kumar Nayak & Klaus Kirketerp-Møller

Prefilled syringes for intravitreal injection reduce preparation time

Yousif Subhi, Birgit Kjer & Inger Christine Munch

Cystectomy for bladder cancer in Denmark during the 2006-2013 period

Per Bagi, Cecilie Bagi Nordsten & Henrik Kehlet

Characteristics of first-trimester screening of non-responders in a high-uptake population

Hanne Trap Wolf, Camilla Bernt Wulff, Charlotte Ekelund et al

Systematic reviews

Endoscopic treatment of colorectal perforations – a systematic review

Mohamed Ali Hassan, Christian Øystein Thomsen & Peter Vilmann