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Current issue | No. 3. March 2016
Original articles

Regular control at the general practitioner is positively correlated with patient satisfaction with chronic care management

Pernille Bjørnholt Nielsen & Simone Witzel

Higher rate of serious perinatal events in non-Western women in Denmark

Marianne Brehm Christensen, Sarah Fredsted Villadsen, Tom Weber et al

Probiotics to prevent necrotising enterocolitis in very preterm infants

Irina Dobychina Lambæk, Gert Fonnest, Magdalena Gormsen et al

Psychiatric disorders are overlooked in patients with drug abuse

Line Kruckow, Kristian Linnet & Jytte Banner

Protocol article

Admission of elderly medical patients to fast track or standard hospitalisation: protocol for a randomised trial

Camilla Strøm, Lars Simon Rasmussen, Søren Wistisen Rasmussen et al

Systematic reviews

Alternative pre-mRNA splicing leads to potential biomarkers in diffuse large B-cell lymphoma – a systematic review

Mette Østergaard Poulsen, Laura Krogh Jørgensen, Suzette Sørensen et al