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Current issue | No. 8. August 2015
Original articles

Robotic-assisted laparoscopic hysterectomy seems safe in women with early-stage endometrial cancer

Suzanne Forsyth Herling, Maria Cecilie Havemann, Connie Palle et al

Increased health-care utilisation in international adoptees

Heidi J. Graff, Volkert D. Siersma, Jakob Kragstrup et al

Increased conjugated bilirubin is sufficient to initiate screening for biliary atresia

Stine Skipper Madsen, Nina Kvist & Jørgen Thorup

Oral iron absorption test should not be performed with iron drops containing ferric iron

Stine Linding Andersen, Claus Gyrup, Aase Handberg et al

Classification of drugs with different risk profiles

Eva Aggerholm Saedder, Birgitte Brock, Lars Peter Nielsen et al

Women referred for occupational risk assessment in pregnancy have no increased risk of adverse obstetric outcomes

Signe Brøker Bidstrup, Linda Kaerlev, Ane Marie Thulstrup et al

Risk factors and mortality among patients 
with severe mucocutaneous drug reactions

Anne-Mette Torp Crüger, Diljit Kaur-Knudsen, Claus Zachariae et al

Bronchoscopy in patients with haemoptysis and normal computed tomography of the chest is unlikely to result in significant findings

Søren Bønløkke, Louise Mahncke Guldbrandt & Torben Riis Rasmussen

Vabrasio is a reliable test to rule out endometrial cancer

Anita Andersen & Finn Friis Lauszus

Comparable effect of partly supervised and self-administered exercise programme in early rheumatoid arthritis – a randomised, controlled trial

Trine Seneca, Ellen Margrethe Hauge & Thomas Maribo

Protocol article

Neuromuscular blockade during laparoscopic ventral herniotomy: protocol for a randomised controlled trial

Roar Medici, Matias V. Madsen, Sami Asadzadeh et al