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Current issue | No. 6. June 2015
Original articles

Frailty is associated with a history with more falls in elderly hospitalised patients

Martin Schultz, Elizabeth Rosted & Suzanne Sanders

Telephone reminders reduced the non-attendance rate in a gastroenterology outpatient clinic

Maja Haunstrup Jeppesen & Mark Andrew Ainsworth

Season is an unreliable predictor of Lyme neuroborreliosis

Bo Bødker Petersen, Jens Kjølseth Møller & Ole Jakob Vilholm

Poor quality of referral from mental to somatic hospitals

Lise Sofie Bislev, Jytte Mortensen, Lea Nørgreen Gustafsson et al

Attention to cancer patients'€™ safety after primary treatment is needed

Anne Hjøllund Christiansen, Henriette Lipczak & Janne Lehmann Knudsen

High prevalence of ulcer bleeding risk factors in dual antiplatelet-treated patients after

Berit Elin S. Jensen, Jane M. Hansen, Anders B. Junker et al

High risk of neonatal complications in children of mothers with gestational diabetes mellitus in their first pregnancy

Hanne Benedicte Wielandt, Helena Schønemann-Rigel, Charlotte Blunck Holst et al

The management of diabetic foot ulcers in Danish hospitals is not optimal

Klaus Kirketerp-Møller, Ole Lander Svendsen & Rasmus Bo Jansen

DMSc theses (pdf)

Computed tomography in forensic medicine

Peter Mygind Leth