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Current issue | No. 12. December 2014
Original articles

Pain reduction after percutaneous vertebroplasty for myeloma-associated vertebral fractures

Ane Simony, Emil Jesper Hansen, Marius Gaurilcikas et al

Recurrence and survival after neck dissections in cutaneous head and neck melanoma

Peter Stemann Andersen, Annette Hougaard Chakera, Andreas Key Milan Thamsborg et al

The dose of levothyroxine in pregnant women with hypothyroidism should be increased by 20-30% in the first trimester

Julia Hubaveshka, Luba Freja Michaelsson & Birte Nygaard

Psychotropic medication in a randomly selected group of citizens receiving residential or home care

Tina Bergmann Futtrup, Anne Kathrine Helnæs, Hanne Schultz et al

Benefit of physiotherapeutic treatment in children with torticollis

Lena Hautopp, Susanne Wester, Birgitte Bang et al

Limited success in patients treated with transanal haemorrhoidal dearterialisation

Søren Kjær, Henrik Hemmert Lund, Svend Schulze et al

Low risk of pelvic sepsis after intersphincteric proctectomy in patients with low rectal cancer

Marianne H. Eriksen, Pierre Maina & Kenneth Højsgaard Jensen

Parental questionnaire as a screening instrument for motor function at age five

Kirsten Nordbye-Nielsen & Ulrik Schiøler Kesmodel

Choice of osteoporosis guideline has important implications for the treatment decision in elderly women referred to a fall clinic

Katja Thomsen, Jesper Ryg, Lars Matzen et al

Procalcitonin and C-reactive protein as markers of bacterial infection in patients with solid tumours

Laura V. Diness, Maja V. Maraldo, Christiane E. Mortensen et al