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Current issue | No. 9. September 2014
Original articles

Macular sensitivity and fixation patterns in patients with autosomal dominant optic atrophy

Cecilia Rönnbäck & Michael Larsen

Use of Biomarker S100B for traumatic brain damage in the emergency department may change observation strategy

Jacob Hansen-Schwartz & Pierre Nourdine Bouchelouche

Collaborative efforts are needed to ensure proper knowledge dissemination of telemedicine projects

Neel Kolthoff Jakobsen, Lena Sundby Jensen & Lars Kayser

Undocumented migrants have diverse health problems

Boje Kvorning Ehmsen, Dan Biswas, Natasja Koitszch Jensen et al

Discrepancy between information reported by the victims of sexual assaults and clinical forensic findings

Susanne Scherer, Steen Holger Hansen & Niels Lynnerup

Several factors influenced general practitioner participation in the implementation of a disease management programme

Anette Riisgaard Ribe, Morten Fenger-Grøn, Peter Vedsted et al

Almost half of women with malignant mesothelioma were exposed to asbestos at home through their husbands or sons

Maja Dahl Langhoff, Maren Brøndberg Kragh-Thomsen, Sharleny Stanislaus et al

Doctor'€™s delay in diagnosis of slipped capital femoral epiphysis

Mathilde Pihl, Stig Sonne-Holm, Jens Krogh Christoffersen & Christian Wong

No transmission of blood-borne viruses among hospital staff despite frequent blood exposure

Hassan Ali Eskandarani, Michala Kehrer & Peer Brehm Christensen

Increasing prevalence of group B streptococcal infection among pregnant women

Kathrine Birch Petersen, Helle Krogh Johansen, Susanne Rosthøj et al

A more liberal approach towards induction of labour in prolonged pregnancy does not result in an adverse labour outcome

Olav-Andre Klefstad, Inger Økland, Elsa Lindtjørn et al

Systematic reviews

Multiple cartilaginous exostoses and development of chondrosarcomas -€“ a systematic review

Emilie Sonne-Holm, Christian Wong & Stig Sonne-Holm

Preadmission oral anticoagulant therapy and clinical outcome in patients hospitalised with acute stroke and atrial fibrillation

Tobias Pilgaard Ottosen, Marie Louise Svendsen, Morten Lock Hansen et al