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Current issue | No. 7. July 2014
Original articles

Predictors of long-term effect from education and exercise in patients with knee and hip pain

Søren Thorgaard Skou, Mikkel Elstrup Simonsen, Anders Odgaard et al

Admission medical records made at night time have the same quality as day and evening time records

Ilda Amirian, Jacob F. Mortensen, Jacob Rosenberg et al

Treatment of insufficient lactation is often not evidence-based

Paul Bryde Axelsson, Flemming Bjerrum & Ellen Christine Leth Løkkegaard

Improvement in health-related quality of life following Roux-en-Y gastric bypass

Nina Beck Hansen, Claire Gudex & René Klinkby Støving

Treatment of hypophosphataemic rickets in children remains a challenge

Line Hougaard Nielsen, Elise Torp Rahbek, Signe Sparre Beck-Nielsen et al

Poor interpretation of chest X-rays by junior doctors

Janus Mølgaard Christiansen, Oke Gerke, Jens Karstoft & Poul Erik Andersen

Increased mortality in the elderly after emergency abdominal surgery

Peter Svenningsen, Thukirtha Manoharan, Nicolai B. Foss et al

Systematic reviews

Single-port laparoscopic rectal surgery - a systematic review

Ida Lolle, Steffen Rosenstock & Orhan Bulut