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Current issue | No. 6. June 2014
Original articles

The Danish Fracture Database can monitor quality of fracture-related surgery, surgeons'€™ experience level and extent of supervision

Morten Jon Andersen, Kiril Gromov, Michael Brixe et al

Early results and future challenges of the Danish Fracture Database

Kirill Gromov, Michael Brix, Thomas Kallemose et al

Major congenital anomalies in a Danish region

Ester Garne, Anne Vinkel Hansen, Anne Sofie Birkelund et al

Cancer mortality does not differ between migrants and Danish-born patients

Marie Norredam, Maja Olsbjerg, Jørgen H Petersen et al

Diagnostic challenges in otogenic brain abscesses

Tina Kissow Lildal, Jakob Korsholm & Therese Ovesen

Clinical information on admission is insufficient to determine the appropriate isolation regimen for acute gastroenteritis

Florence Skyum, Osama Karim Abed & Christian Backer Mogensen

Face validity and inter-rater reliability of the Danish version of the modified Yale Preoperative Anxiety Scale

Pernille Skovby, Charlotte Ulrikka Rask, Rolf Dall et al

Current organisation of follow-up does not meet cancer patients'€™ needs

Cecilie Sperling, Mette Sandager, Henry Jensen et al

An interferon-gamma release assay test performs well in routine screening for tuberculosis

Allan Vestergaard Danielsen, Andreas Fløe, Troels Lillebaek et al

Predictive validity of neurotic disorders: a 50-year follow-up study

Peter Winning Jepsen, Birgitte Butler, Stig Rasmussen et al

Treatment of chronic upper limb ischaemia is safe and results are good

Lotte Klitfod & Leif Panduro Jensen

Impact of cleaning before obtaining midstream urine samples from children

Rebekka Lytzen, Jenny Dahl Knudsen, Steen Ladelund et al

Patients and general practitioners have different approaches to e-mail consultations

Camilla Skanderup Hansen, Katja Lynghøj Christensen & Ruth Ertmann

Valid and complete data on endometrial cancer in the Danish Gynaecological Cancer Database

Caroline S. Juhl, Estrid S. Hansen, Claus K. Høgdall et al

Good results after laparoscopic marsupialisation of simple liver cysts

Christian Lolle Noerregaard & Alan Patrick Ainswort