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Current issue | No. 5. May 2014
Original articles

Use of propofol infusion in alcohol withdrawal-induced refractory delirium tremens

Kristian Lorentzen, Anne Øberg Lauritsen & Asger Ole Bendtsen

Work environment influences adverse events in an emergency department

Kurt Rasmussen, Anna Helene Meldgaard Pedersen, Louise Pape et al

The use of shared medication record as part of medication reconciliation at hospital admission is feasible

Lars K. Munck, Karina R. Hansen, Anne Grethe Mølbak et al

Acceptable results using small radio frequency ablation needle for liver parenchyma transection

Marie Riis Mortensen, Kasper Jarlhelt Andersen & Peter Kissmeyer-Nielsen

Imported malaria is stable from Africa but declining from Asia

Camilla Holten Møller & Kim David

The Identification of Seniors at Risk Screening tool is useful for predicting acute readmissions

Elizabeth Rosted, Martin Schultz, Helle Dynesen et al

Manifestations of Gorlin-Goltz syndrome

Anne Kristine Larsen, Dorthe Bisgaard Mikkelsen, Jens Michael Hertz et al

Insufficient pain management after spine surgery

Rikke Vibeke Nielsen, Jonna Storm Fomsgaard1, Jørgen Berg Dahl et al

Diabetes mortality differs between registers due to various disease definitions

Aneta Aleksandra Nielsen, Henry Christensen, Erik D. Lund et al

Robot-assisted rectopexy is a safe and feasible option for treatment of rectal prolapse

Camilla Haahr, Henrik Loft Jakobsen & Ismail Gögenur

Leakage and internal herniation are the most common complications after gastric bypass

Maj-Britt Errebo & Thorbjørn Sommer

A feasible method to study the Danish out-of-hours primary care service

Lone Flarup, Grete Moth, Morten Bondo Christensen et al

Protocol article

Self-reported quality of life and functional outcome

Dan Asplund, Jane Heath, Elisabeth González et al

Systematic reviews

Genotyping increases the yield of angiotensin-converting enzyme in sarcoidosis -€“ a systematic review

Andreas Fløe, Hans Jürgen Hoffmann, Peter H. Nissen et al

Wrist arthroplasty -€“ a systematic review

Michel E. H. Boeckstyns