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Current issue | No. 9. September 2013
Original articles

Diagnostic and therapeutic lumbar puncture performed safely and efficiently with a thin blunt needle

Anders Møller, Arash Afshari & Ole Weis Bjerrum

Variable assessment of the circulation in intensive care unit patients with shock

Louise Inkeri Hennings, Nicolai Haase & Anders Perner

Semi-structured interview is a reliable and feasible tool for selection of doctors for general practice specialist training

Jesper Hesselbjerg Isaksen, Niels Thomas Hertel & Niels Kristian Kjær

Positive patients' attitudes to prehospital care

Jon Hadsund, Erik Riiskjær, Ingunn Skogstad Riddervold et al

Robot-assisted radical prostatectomy is a safe procedure

Frederik Birkebæk Thomsen, Kasper Drimer Berg, Helle Hvarness et al

Front-end specialists reduce time to a treatment plan for patients with acute abdomen

Helen Schultz, Christian Backer Mogensen, Birthe D. Pedersen et al

Safe induction of labour with low-dose misoprostol, but less effective than the conventional dinoprostone regimen

Jesper Friis Petersen, Thomas Bergholt & Ellen Christine L. Løkkegaard

Mechanism of injury and microbiological flora of the geographical location are essential for the prognosis in soldiers with serious warfare injuries

Mik Wetterslev, Katrine Rose-Larsen, Jacob Hansen-Schwartz et al

Cross-sector problems of collaboration in psychiatry

Elisabeth Naima Mikkelsen, Anne Petersen, Anne Marie Lyager Kaae et al

Overtreatment of prostate cancer may be prevented by extended pelvic lymphadenectomy

Nessn H. Azawi, Katrine Stenfeldt & Tom Christensen

Study design, participation and characteristics of The Danish General Suburban Population Study

Helle K.M. Bergholdt, Lise Bathum, Jan Kvetny et al

PhD theses (pdf)

Epidemiological studies on syncope

Martin Huth Ruwald