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Current issue | No. 7. July 2013
Original articles

A helicopter emergency medical service may allow faster access to highly specialised care

Monika Afzali, Rasmus Hesselfeldt, Jacob Steinmetz et al

Physician-staffed emergency helicopter reduces transportation time from alarm call to highly specialized centre

Alexander Fjaeldstad, Morten Hasager Kirk, Lars Knudsen et al

Use of professional profiles in applications for specialist training positions

Andreas Lundh, Karen Skjelsager & Kim Wildgaard

Caregiver burden and psychosocial services in patients with early and late onset Alzheimer's disease

Helene Grønning, Susanne Kristiansen, Dorte Dyre et al

Patient perspectives on quality of life after penile cancer

Gitte Lee Mortensen & Jakob Kristian Jakobsen

Endoscopic brush cytology from the biliary duct system is still valuable

Susanne Eiholm, Peter Thielsen & Hans Kromann-Andersen

A minority of patients discharged within 24 hours after laparoscopic colon resection

Erik Brandt, Martin Poulsen, Jakob Lykke et al

Elective surgery after successful endoscopic decompression of sigmoid volvulus may be considered

Helene Tarri Hougaard & Niels Qvist

Iodine deficiency in Danish pregnant women

Stine Linding Andersen, Louise Kolding Sørensen, Anne Krejbjerg et al

The majority of surgical departments adhere to national Danish guidelines for surveillance after colorectal cancer surgery

Jakob Lykke, Ole Roikjær & Per Jess

Promising results using sentinel node biopsy as a substitute for radical lymphadenectomy in endometrial cancer staging

Berit Jul Mosgaard, Vibeke Ravn Skovlund & Helle Westergren Hendel

More than half of the medical students who apply for a dispensation drop out and need focused counselling

Pernille Urup Ruban, Mette Gammelgaard Petersen & Bjarne Møller-Madsen

Primary percutaneous coronary intervention delay for patients living in a peripheral area in Denmark

Ole May, Lars Blom, Birgitte E. Jacobsen et al

DMSc theses (pdf)

On 5-fluorouracil therapy of colorectal cancer

Søren Astrup Jensen