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Current issue | No. 3. March 2013
Original articles

Admission criteria to the Danish Brain Cancer Program are moderately associated with magnetic resonance imaging findings

Thomas Winther Hill, Mie Kiszka Nielsen & Jørgen Nepper-Rasmussen

Lack of follow-up of anaemia after discharge

Palle Bager & Jens F. Dahlerup

Beneficial effect of brief intensive cognitive behavioural therapy-based psychiatric aftercare for early discharged non-psychotic patients

Sidse M.H. Arnfred, Maria Elisabeth Nilsson & Jens Knud Larsen

Young doctors’ problem solving strategies on call may be improved

Jens Michelsen1, Axel Malchow-Møllern2, Peder Charlesn3 & Berit Eikan3

Non-melanoma skin cancer of the auricle is treated according to national guidelines

Dalia Gustaitytė-Larsen & Peter Illum

Extended cardiac rehabilitation for socially vulnerable patients improves attendance and outcome

Kirsten Melgaard Nielsen1, Lucette Kirsten Meillier2 & Mogens Lytken Larsen3

Regional differences in incidence of malignant mesothelioma in Denmark

Ellen Skammeritz1, Øyvind Omland1, Johnni Hansen2 & Jens Peter Johansen1

Mind-to-paper is an effective method for scientific writing

Jacob Rosenberg, Jakob Burcharth, Hans Christian Pommergaard & Anne Kjærgaard Danielsen

Every seventh acute medical admission is preventable

Henrik Koldborg Jepsen1, Carsten Hendriksen2, Henrik Nielsen3, Birgitte Nybo4 & Hans Perrild1

Local outbreak of quinolone-resistant but ceftriaxone-susceptible gonorrhoea in a region of Denmark

Line Østergaard Sørensen1, Michael Dalager-Pedersen1, Tove Højbjerg2 & Henrik Nielsen1

Promising effect of vagal stimulation in Danish patients with epilepsy

Kristin Sjølie Thygesen & Anne Sabers

Vitamin D plasma levels during summer in a psychiatric population are comparable to the winter levels of healthy individuals

Kirsten R. Melander1 & Karen Justinussen2

PhD theses (pdf)

MRI in knee osteoarthritis

Henrik Rindel Gudbergsen