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Current issue | No. 8. August 2012
Original articles

Fluorescence-guided resection of gliomas

Søren Cortnum & René Johannes Laursen

Nurse administered propofol sedation for pulmonary
endoscopies requires a specific protocol

Jeppe Thue Jensen, Anne-Marie Banning, Paul Clementsen, Anne Hammering,
Pernille Hornslet, Tina Horsted & Peter Vilmann

Neoadjuvant chemotherapy as ovarian cancer treatment:
ever more used with major regional differences

Carsten L. Fagö-Olsen, Bent Ottesen, Henrik Kehlet, Algirdas Markauskas,
Berit J. Mosgaard, Christian Ottosen, Charlotte H. Søgaard,
Erik Søgaard-Andersen & Claus Høgdall

Same review quality in open versus blinded peer review
in ''Ugeskrift for Læger''

Siri Vinther, Ole Haagen Nielsen, Jacob Rosenberg, Niels Keiding & Torben V. Schroeder

Inadequate follow-up after tracheostomy and intensive care

Frederik Mondrup, Karen Skjelsager & Kristian Rørbæk Madsen

Telephone hotline is an important part of overall patient management in upper gastrointestinal malignancies

Ole Steen Bjerring, Claus Fristrup & Michael Bau Mortensen

Individual and environmental risk factors for high blood lead concentrations in Danish indoor shooters

Kasper Grandahl, Poul Suadicani & Peter Jacobsen

Indications for knee arthroplasty have remained consistent over time

Morten G. Thomsen, Henrik Husted, Kristian S. Otte, Thue Ørsnes & Anders Troelsen

Opinions among Danish knee surgeons about indications to perform total knee replacement showed considerable variation

Anders Troelsen, Henrik Schrøder & Henrik Husted

Clinical guidelines (pdf)

Barrett's esophagus. Diagnosis, follow-up and treatment.

Lasse Bremholm, Peter Funch-Jensen, Jan Eriksen, Lene Hendel, Troels Havelund &
Peter Matzen