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Current issue | No. 5. May 2012
Original articles

Increased number of ear-nose-throat malpractice complaints in Denmark

Gohar Nikoghosyan-Bossen, Agnes Hauberg & Preben Homøe

Systematic analysis of ear-nose-throat malpractice complaints may be beneficial for patient safety

Gohar Nikoghosyan-Bossen, Agnes Hauberg & Preben Homøe

Aggressive elimination of precancerous lesions of the vocal cords
to avoid risk of cancer

Max Rohde, Ågot Møller Grøntved, Annelise Krogdahl & Christian Godballe

Long-term health effects of unintentional injuries in Danish adults

Bjarne Laursen & Hanne Møller

Childhood lichen sclerosus is a rare but important diagnosis

Lise Soldbro Jensen & Anette Bygum

Work-up times in an integrated brain cancer pathway

Emilie Lund Laursen & Birthe Krogh Rasmussen

A brain cancer pathway in clinical practice

Emilie Lund Laursen & Birthe Krogh Rasmussen

Significant regional differences in Denmark in outcome
after cochlear implants in children

Lone Percy-Smith, Georg W. Busch, Minna Sandahl, Lena Nissen, Jane Lignel Josvassen, Michael Bille, Theis Lange & Per Cayé-Thomasen

Readability of patient information can be improved

Morten Pilegaard & Hanne Berg Ravn

Appearance of ghost and gift authors in Ugeskrift for Læger and Danish Medical Journal

Siri Vinther & Jacob Rosenberg



The editorial board

Clinical guideline (pdf)

Danish national guidelines for treatment of diverticular disease

Jens Christian Andersen, Lars Bundgaard, Henrik Elbrønd, Søren Laurberg, Line Rosell Walker, Jens Støvring

PhD theses (pdf)

Genetic variation and human longevity

Mette Soerensen

Sedation in the ICU

Thomas Strøm