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Current issue | No. 4. April 2012
Original articles

High prevalence of asthma in Danish elite canoe- and kayak athletes

Charlotte Suppli Ulrik & Claus Svenningsen

Only few severe complications after endoscopic ultrasound guided drainage of pancreatic pseudocysts

Ditlev Nytoft Rasmussen, Hassem Hassan & Peter Vilmann

Low confidence among general practitioners in end-of-life care and subcutaneous administration of medicine

Thomas Gorlén, Tanja Fromberg Gorlén, Mikkel Vass & Mette Asbjørn Neergaard

Need for improved treatment of postoperative pain

Ole Mathiesen, Berit Ahlmann Thomsen, Birgitte Kitter, Jørgen Berg Dahl & Henrik Kehlet

Acceptable results after venous reconstructive surgery following iatrogenic injuries to the iliofemoral vein segment

Morten Bo Larsen & Niels Bækgaard

Large discrepancy between prehospital visitation to mobile emergency care unit and discharge diagnosis

Christine Puck Holler, Sine Wichmann, Søren Loumann Nielsen & Ann Merete Møller

No effect of corticosteroid treatment for idiopathic facial paralysis

Kristian Friesgaard Christensen, Therese Ovesen & Christer Swan Andreassen

Prehospital guidelines for use of hypertonic saline are not followed systematically

Julie Hejselbaek, Jacob Steinmetz & Lars Simon Rasmussen

Fast track accelerated diagnostic investigation for urinary incontinence
in women

Margrethe Foss Hansen, Jens Christian Prien-Larsen, Lars Hemmingsen & Jens Vej Olesen

Substantial need for early diagnosis, rehabilitation and treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Peter Lange, Jacob Louis Marott, Morten Dahl, Truls Sulvan Ingebrigtsen, Jørgen Vestbo &
Børge Grønne Nordestgaard