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Current issue | No. 1. January 2011
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Female medical students are estimated to have a higher risk for developing eating disorders than male medical students

Agnete Skovlund Dissing, Nanna Hasle Bak,
Laura Erna Toftegaard Pedersen & Birgit H. Petersson

Danish general practitioners only play a minor role in the coordination of cancer treatment

Rikke Dalsted, Ann Dorrit Guassora & Thorkil Thorsen

Perforated diverticulitis operated at Sahlgrenska University Hospital 2003-2008

Anders Thornell, Eva Angenete & Eva Haglind

Limited knowledge of lipid rescue therapy in local anaesthetic
systemic toxicity

Peter Jensen-Gadegaard, Martin Skjønnemand,
Jens Damgaard-Jensen & Bo Gottschau

Trends in the incidence of malignant melanoma in
Denmark 1978-2007

Anders Klit, Jennifer Berg Drejøe & Krzysztof Tadeusz Drzewiecki

Few complications after paracentesis in patients with cirrhosis
and refractory ascites

Signe Skovgaard Wiese, Christian Mortensen & Flemming Bendtsen

Assessment of drug treatment quality in two Danish
health-care centres

Kajsa Edfors & Stig Ejdrup Andersen