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Current issue | No. 10. October 2016
Original articles

Nurse-initiated telephone follow-up on patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease 
improves patient empowerment, but cannot prevent readmissions

Marie Lavesen, Steen Ladelund, Addie J. Frederiksen et al

Auditory profiling and hearing-aid satisfaction in hearing-aid candidates

Nicoline Thorup, Sébastien Santurette, Søren Jørgensen et al

Lack of national consensus in preoperative airway assessment

Anders K. Nørskov, Charlotte V. Rosenstock & Lars H. Lundstrøm

Clinical management of acute diabetic Charcot foot in Denmark

Rasmus Bo Jansen, Ole Lander Svendsen & Klaus Kirketerp-Møller

Observational study identifies non-attendance characteristics in two hospital out-patient clinics

Emely Ek Blæhr, Rikke Søgaard, Thomas Kristensen et al

Cumulative incidence and registry validation of groin hernia repair in a 34-year nationwide cohort

Jakob Burcharth, Mads Svane Liljekvist, Hans-Christian Pommergaard et al

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