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About dmj

The Danish Medical Journal (DMJ) is a general medical journal publishing science from all areas of medicine. Although most of our material currently comes from Danish authors, we will consider papers from all countries and from all specialties. When writing for the Danish Medical Journal please remember target audience which is the general reader. This means that the research area should be relevant to many readers and the paper should be presented in a way that most readers will understand the content.

DMJ will publish the following articles:

• Original articles
• Protocol articles from large randomized clinical trials
• Systematic reviews and meta-analyses
• Clinical guidelines from Danish scientific societies
• PhD theses from Danish faculties of health sciences
• DMSc theses from Danish faculties of health sciences

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* (2013) is calculated manually ad Danish Medical Journal changed the name from DMB to DMJ.

Danish Medical Journal (DMJ) is published by The Danish Medical Association.

For all papers, dissertations, or theses one of the authors has to be a member of the Danish Medical Association in order to have their work published for free in the DMB. If the author is not a member of the Danish Medical Association an author fee (1,000 Euro) will be applied.

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The Danish Medical Association also publish The Journal of the Danish Medical Association - in Danish "Ugeskrift for Læger". Go to the webpage

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