No. 4. November 2006. Volume 53. Pages 361-466


Contributions to the epidemiology of Campylobacter infections. A review of clinical and microbiological studies
Jørgen Engberg
Dan Med Bul 2006;53(4):361-89

Infertility and assisted reproduction in Denmark. Epidemiology and psychosocial consequences
Lone Schmidt
Dan Med Bul 2006;53(4):390-417

Antigen-Based Prediction and Prevention of Type 1 Diabetes
Jacob Sten Petersen
Dan Med Bul 2006;53(4):418-37


Results of the Two-County trial of mammography screening are not compatible with contemporaneous official Swedish breast cancer statistics
Per-Henrik Zahl, Peter C. Gøtzsche, Jannike Mørch Andersen & Jan Mæhlen
Dan Med Bul 2006;53(4):438-40

The Danish Civil Registration System. A cohort of eight million persons
Carsten Bøcker Pedersen, Heine Gøtzsche, Jørgen Østrup Møller & Preben Bo Mortensen
Dan Med Bul 2006;53(4):441-9

Panum’s studies on “putrid poison”1856. An early description of endotoxin
Hans Jørn Kolmos
Dan Med Bul 2006;53(4):450-2

Delay in diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer
Marianne Bjerager
Dan Med Bul 2006;53(4):453

Rebaudioside A and pancreatic b-cell function
Reziwangu Abudula
Dan Med Bul 2006;53(4):454

Regional salivary gland function after radiotherapy of head and neck cancer measured by dynamic 11C-methionine PET
Simon Buus
Dan Med Bul 2006;53(4):455

Identification of susceptibility genes for bipolar affective disorder and schizophrenia on chromosome 22
Jacob Eg Severinsen
Dan Med Bul 2006;53(4):456

Breast reconstruction using autologous tissue, current status and perspectives
Christian T. Bonde
Dan Med Bul 2006;53(4):457

Experimental cardioprotection in myocardial ischemia and reperfusion assessed by sestamibi-MPI. Effects of glutamine, glutamate and erythropoietin
Jens Kristensen
Dan Med Bul 2006;53(4):458

Measuring psychosocial consequences of false-positive screening results. Breast cancer as an example
John Brodersen
Dan Med Bul 2006;53(4):459

A new approach to deliver malaria prevention interventions to pregnant women at a community level in Uganda
Anthony K. Mbonye
Dan Med Bul 2006;53(4):460

Serglycin – implications in granulogenesis of neutrophils
Carsten Utoft Niemann
Dan Med Bul 2006;53(4):461

Microarray-based studies of cell death, a method development and application study
Nils E. Magnusson
Dan Med Bul 2006;53(4):462

What springs to mind. An investigation into the neural and phenomenological characteristics of involuntary and voluntary conscious memories
Nicoline Marie Hall
Dan Med Bul 2006;53(4):463

Diagnosis of bacterial meningitis by real-time PCR - with focus on broad-range PCR
Susanna Deutch
Dan Med Bul 2006;53(4):464

Mesenchymal stem cells for bone regeneration – molecular and tissue-engineering strategies
Maik Stiehler
Dan Med Bul 2006;53(4):465

The recommended Danish diagnostic strategy in colorectal cancer
Niels Chr. Bjerregaard
Dan Med Bul 2006;53(4):466