No. 4. December 2005. Volume 52. Pages 119-262

Initiation, progression and remission of diabetic nephropathy
Peter Hovind
Dan Med Bul 2005;52(4):119-42

The molecular epidemiology of tuberculosis. Recent trends
in a low burden country

Troels Lillebæk
Dan Med Bul 2005;52(4):143-59

Risk factors for benign thyroid disease
Nils Knudsen
Dan Med Bul 2005;52(4):160-85

NON-MHC genes in type 1 diabetes. Family-based association studies
and functional studies of disease-associated polymorphisms

Ole Peter Kristiansen
Dan Med Bul 2005;52(4):186-233

Breech at term. Early and late consequences of mode of delivery
Lone Krebs
Dan Med Bul 2005;52(4):234-52


Brain maps of auditory processes in normal hearing,
postlingual deafness and cochlear implantation

Malene Vejby Mortensen
Dan Med Bul 2005;52(4):253

The role of angiogenesis in non-Hodgkin lymphoma
Judit Mészáros Jørgensen
Dan Med Bul 2005;52(4):254

Diagnostic delay, symptoms and stage of colorectal cancer. Populationbased observational studies in Denmark
Marianne Korsgaard
Dan Med Bul 2005;52(4):255

Aspects of placental growth hormone physiology
Jens Fuglsang
Dan Med Bul 2005;52(4):256

Cellular recognition of herpes simplex virus infection
and virus-induced cytokine production

Jesper Melchjorsen
Dan Med Bul 2005;52(4):257

Studies on receptors and actions of steroid hormones
in adipose tissue. Implications for fat distribution

Steen Bønløkke Pedersen
Dan Med Bul 2005;52(4):258

Transplantation of autologous endothelial cells and
endothelial progenitor cells for angiogenesis. The feasibility
of using autologous cells as gene therapy vectors

Smita DuttaRoy
Dan Med Bul 2005;52(4):259

Investigation of the neuroprotective protein parkin – solubility,
ligand binding and ubiquitination

Lene Diness Jensen
Dan Med Bul 2005;52(4):260

Cardioprotection against ischemiareperfusion injury by
L-glutamate and KATP channel openers

Steen B. Kristiansen
Dan Med Bul 2005;52(4):261


Bibliotek for Læger. A journal devoted to medical history, ethics,
philosophy and clinical theory, founded in 1809

Dan Med Bul 2005;52(4):262