No. 4. November 2004. Volume 51. Pages 315-454

Disability in old age. Longitudinal population-based studies of the disablement process
Kirsten Avlund
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(4):315-349

Congenital disorders of glycosylation type Ia and Ib.
Genetic, biochemical and clinical studies

Susanne Kjærgaard
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(4):360-363

On the role of the incretin hormones GIP and GLP-1 in the pathogenesis
of Type 2 diabetes mellitus

Tina Vilsbøll
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(4):364-370

The effectiveness of highly active antiretroviral therapy
in HIV-infected patients

Søren Jensen-Fangel
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(4):371-392

Mechanisms and functional aspects of multidrug resistance
in Ehrlich ascites tumour cells

Dorte Lisbet Nielsen
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(4):393-414

Register for Suicide Attempts
Erik Christiansen & Børge Frank Jensen
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(4):415-417

Patient and staff (doctors and nurses) experiences of abdominal hysterectomy in accelerated recovery programme. A qualitative study
Lis Wagner, Anne Mette Carlslund, Charlotte Møller & Bent Ottesen
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(4):418-421

Additional faecal reservoirs or hidden constipation: a link between functional and organic bowel disease
Dennis Raahave & Franck B. Loud
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(4):422-425

Right heart assistance for coronary artery bypass grafting
Pia Hughes
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(4):426

Identification of α-synuclein filament-binding proteins: possible pathological contributions to Parkinson's disease
Evo Kristina Lindersson
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(4):427

Genetic risk factors in atopic diseases
Charlotte Brasch Andersen
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(4):428

Fragrance allergy and dermatitis on the hands
Siri Heydorn
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(4):429

Muscle function in the elderly after hip-replacement surgery.
Effects of long term disuse and physical training

Charlotte Suetta
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(4):430

Hormone replacement therapy among postmenopausal women:
effects on the haemostatic system

Jonna Skov Madsen
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(4):431

Recovery of excitability of peripheral motor axons during long term regeneration
Mihai Moldovan
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(4):432

Health-related quality of life after cervical cancer
Pernille Tine Jensen
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(4):433

Control of diabetogenic T cells in vivo by CD4+ regulatory T cells
Dorthe Lundsgaard
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(4):434

Evaluation of different diagnostic procedures in patients referred for endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography
Alan Patrick Ainsworth
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(4):435

Identification of factors important for accelerated repopulation in squamous cell carcinomas of the head and neck (HNSCC)
Jesper Grau Eriksen
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(4):436

Urinary incontinence among elderly women: etiology of stress and
urge incontinence and characteristics of patients

Gitte Rohr
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(4):437

Identification of mechanisms involved in β-cell maturation
and in IL-1β-induced β-cell toxicity

Karin Nielsen

Dan Med Bul 2004;51(4):438

Schizophrenia and crime
Runa Munkner
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(4):439

On cAMP signalling in cerebral haemodynamics – implications for
migraine pathophysiology

Steffen Birk
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(4):440

Regulation of inducible nitric oxide synthase in collagenous colitis
Lars Andresen
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(4):441

Physiologic and pathophysiologic aspects of QT dynamics. Studies in healthy subjects and patients with acute myocardial infarction
Berit Thornvig Jensen
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(4):442

Structural studies of cation and nucleotide binding sites in the Na,K-ATPase
Louise Odgaard Jakobsen
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(4):443

Modulation of exocytosis in pancreatic islet-cells by regulatory proteins, second messengers and pharmacological compounds
Hervør Lykke Olsen
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(4):444

Infections in children undergoing treatment for malignant diseases.
With special emphasis on viral respiratory diseases

Merete Stubkjær Christensen
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(4):445

Hepatic metabolism of glucose analogues measured by dynamic positron emission tomography and interpreted by compartment models.
With special reference to the hepatic dual-input function

Ole Lajord Munk
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(4):446

Adjunctive bright light in nonseasonal major depression
Klaus Martiny
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(4):447

Managing patients with functional somatic symptoms in general practice. Evaluation of a short-term training programme for somatization in
primary care in a randomised controlled trial

Tomas Toft
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(4):448

Genotypic resistance profiles in an HIV1-infected Danish patient population on Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy (HAART). An investigation of virological failure during different drug combinations
Birgit Thorup Røge
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(4):449

Pathophysiological aspects of nocturnal polyuria in monosymptomatic enuresis nocturna
Konstantinos Kamperis
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(4):450

Childhood cataract in Denmark. Incidence and risk factors
Birgitte Haargaard
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(4):451

Cavitation at mechanical heart valves
Peter Johansen
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(4):452

The high affinity IgE receptor (FcεRI) on human basophils.
Dynamics, expression and function

Bettina Margrethe Jensen
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(4):453

The ronkedor phenomenon – constructions of masculinity,
illness and health

Simon Simonsen
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(4):454