No. 3. August 2007. Volume 54. Pages 189-247


Streptococcus penumoniae meningitis. Clinical and experimental studies
Christian Østergaard Andersen
Dan Med Bul 2007;54(3):189-209

Acute stroke – a dynamic process
Hanne Christensen
Dan Med Bul 2007;54(3):210-225

The pattern of contact with general practice and casualty departments of immigrants and non-immigrants in Copenhagen, Denmark
Lise Dyhr, John Sahl Andersen, Gerda Engholm
Dan Med Bul 2007;54(3):226-229

Effects of stevioside on pancreatic beta cell function during glucotoxicity, lipotoxicity and glibenclamide secondary failure: studies in vitro
Jianguo Chen
Dan Med Bul 2007;54(3):230

Parkinson’s disease and deep brain stimulation. Clinical effect and changes in the brain evaluated with SPECT
Annemette Løkkegaard
Dan Med Bul 2007;54(3):231

Gene transfer to muscle by electroporation: control of transgene expression and effects on host tissue
Pernille Hojman
Dan Med Bul 2007;54(3):232

Mutational analysis of structure-function relationship of transmembrane segment M1 of the Ca2+-ATPase and the Na+,K+-ATPase
Anja Pernille Einholm
Dan Med Bul 2007;54(3):233

Genetic variation and resistance development in HIV-1 infected patients from Denmark and Greenland
Tina Vasehus Madsen
Dan Med Bul 2007;54(3):234

Common genetic variation in zinc finger protein 202, HDL cholesterol and risk of severe atherosclerosis and ischemic heart disease
Maria Charlotte Aslaug Stene
Dan Med Bul 2007;54(3):235

General and site-specific features of atherosclerosis
Søren Dalgaer
Dan Med Bul 2007;54(3):236

Abnormal resistance artery structure in essential hypertension: a prognostic and correctable supplemental target for therapy
Ole Norling Mathiassen
Dan Med Bul 2007;54(3):237

Incretin hormones and beta-cell function in chronic pancreatitis
Filip Krag Knop
Dan Med Bul 2007;54(3):238

Pubertal development in internationally adopted girls: epidemiological, clinical and biochemical indications of increased risk of precocious puberty due to early central activation of the pituitary-gonadal axis
Grete Teilmann
Dan Med Bul 2007;54(3):239

Stimulation of orthopedic implant fixation – investigations of osteogenic growth factors and topical delivery systems
Anders Lamberg
Dan Med Bul 2007;54(3):240

Side effects after radiotherapy for pharyngeal cancer
Kenneth Jensen
Dan Med Bul 2007;54(3):241

Echocardiographic assessment of right ventricular systolic function by tricuspid annular plane systolic excursion
Jesper Kjaergaard
Dan Med Bul 2007;54(3):242

The heritability and atopic dermatitis
Ulla Christensen
Dan Med Bul 2007;54(3):243

The possible role of human endogenous retroviruses and herpes viruses in the pathogenesis of multiple sclerosis
Tomasz Brudek
Dan Med Bul 2007;54(3):244

The role of calcium in skeletal muscle cell damage induced by exercise or anoxia
Anne Fredsted
Dan Med Bul 2007;54(3):245

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philosophy and clinical theory, founded in 1809
Dan Med Bul 2007;54(3):246-247