No. 3. August 2006. Volume 53. Pages 232-360


Progressive epithelial ovarian carcinoma. Prognostic factors and clinical management
Bo Grønlund
Dan Med Bul 2006;53(3):232-57

Intensified multifactorial intervention in patients with type 2 diabetes and microalbuminuria: Rationale and effect on late-diabetic complications
Peter Haulund Gæde
Dan Med Bul 2006;53(3):258-84

The clinical impact of systemic low-level inflammation in elderly populations. With special reference to cardiovascular disease, dementia and mortality
Helle Bruunsgaard
Dan Med Bul 2006;53(3):285-309

Home oxygen therapy in COPD patients. Results from the Danish Oxygen Register 1994-2000
Thomas Joergen Ringbaek
Dan Med Bul 2006;53(3):310-25

Endocrinological late effects following radiotherapy and chemotherapy of childhood brain tumours
Marianne Schmiegelow
Dan Med Bul 2006;53(3):326-41


Quality of hospital care evaluated by Danish nurses and doctors – based on experience from their own or a close family member’s hospitalization
Finn Gyntelberg1, Poul Suadicani1, DDS, Bo Andreassen Rix2, Peder Skov3, Poul Ebbe Nielsen4 & Erik Juhl5
Dan Med Bul 2006;53(3):342-48

Sexual dysfunction in the peri- and postmenopause. Status of incidence, pharmacological treatment and possible risks A secondary publication
Nina Gregersen, MD1, Pernille Tine Jensen, MD, PhD2 & Annamaria G. Elena Giraldi, MD, PhD3
Dan Med Bul 2006;53(3):349-53

Molecular characterization of the haeptoglobin-haemoglobin complex and its receptor
Marianne Jensby Nielsen, MSc
Dan Med Bul 2006;53(3):354

Patient evaluation in general practice – methodological aspects, influence of patient and GP characteristics and the GPs’ experiences with the evaluations
Hanne Nørgaard Heje
Dan Med Bul 2006;53(3):355

Tachycardias after atrial incisions – mechanisms, prevention and ablation
Peter Lukac
Dan Med Bul 2006;53(3):356

Outcome after lumbar spinal fusion. Predictive factors for functional outcome and fusion rates. Type and amount of pain at long term follow-up
Thomas Andersen
Dan Med Bul 2006;53(3):357

Identification of susceptibility genes for mental disorders based on structural chromosome aberrations
Iben Søgaard Jacobsen, MSc
Dan Med Bul 2006;53(3):358

Modulatory effects of progestins on long-term estrogen treatment in coronary arteries from hyperlipidemic rabbits
Susan Helene Pedersen Laursen
Dan Med Bul 2006;53(3):359

Bibliotek for Læger. A journal devoted to medical history, ethics,
philosophy and clinical theory, founded in 1809
Dan Med Bul 2006;53(2):360