No. 2. May 2009. Volume 56. Pages 83-104

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of Medical Journal Editors is
seeking two new member journals

The ICMJE-group

Correlation of bowel symptoms with colonic transit, length, and faecal load in functional faecal retention
Dennis Raahave, Elsebeth Christensen, Franck B. Loud & Lisbet L. Knudsen
Dan Med Bul 2009;56(2):83-88

COLOR II. A randomized clinical trial comparing laparoscopic and open surgery for rectal cancer
The COLOR II study group
Dan Med Bul 2009;56(2):89-91

Neuronal and synaptic plasticity in subregions of rat hippocampus after antidepressant treatment
Fenghua Chen
Dan Med Bul 2009;56(2):92

Chimerism analysis and graft rejection after allogeneic hematopoietic cell transplantation with nonmyeloablative conditioning
Tania Nicole Masmas
Dan Med Bul 2009;56(2):93

The effect of a mandatory iodization programme on the prevalence of benign thyroid disorders: an evaluation of four years’ iodization of salt in Denmark
Pernille Vilhardt Vejbjerg
Dan Med Bul 2009;56(2):94

Molecular brain imaging of the serotonin system: Reproducibility and evaluation of PET radiotracers
Lisbeth Marner
Dan Med Bul 2009;56(2):95

Functional somatic symptoms in 5-7-year-old children. Assessment, prevalence and co-occurrence
Charlotte Ulrikka Rask
Dan Med Bul 2009;56(2):96

Surgical advances in periacetabular osteotomy for treatment of hip dysplasia in adults
Anders Troelsen
Dan Med Bul 2009;56(2):97

Medicallly unexplained symptoms in primary care. A mixed method study about diagnosis
Henriette Schou Hansen
Dan Med Bul 2009;56(2):98

Catheter ablation in patients with atrial fibrillation
Jacob Pontoppidan
Dan Med Bul 2009;56(2):99

Short-term fasting in healthy human subjects: assessment of intrahepatic lipid content, GH signaling in peripheral tissues, and impact of GH blockade
Louise Møller
Dan Med Bul 2009;56(2):100

Bioethics in theory and practice
Mette Ebbesen
Dan Med Bul 2009;56(2):101

Alcohol use disorders. In relation to alcohol consumption, psychiatric co-morbidity, and suicide
Trine Flensborg-Madsen
Dan Med Bul 2009;56(2):102

Art therapy in psychiatric treatment with special focus on schizophrenia
Hanne Stubbe Teglbjærg
Dan Med Bul 2009;56(2):103

Somatic cell nuclear transfer in pigs: approaches to increase efficiency and expand application possibilities
Juan Li
Dan Med Bul 2009;56(2):104