No. 2. May 2007. Volume 54. Pages 79-188


Progression and remission of nephropathy in type 2 diabetes: new strategies of treatment and monitoring
Kasper Rossing
Dan Med Bul 2007;54(2):79-98

The effect of hyperventilation upon cerebral blood flow and metabolism in patients with fulminant hepatic failure
Gitte Irene Strauss
Dan Med Bul 2007;54(2):99-111

Alloreactivity as therapeutic principle in the treatment of hematologic malignancies. Studies of clinical and immunologic aspects of allogeneic hematopoietic cell transplantation with nonmyeloablative conditioning
Søren Lykke Petersen
Dan Med Bul 2007;54(2):112-39

ORIGINAL ARTICLES – Global health, topic edition, part 2
Denmark’s global responsibility – Danish development policy
Ulla Tørnæs
Dan Med Bul 2007;54(2):140-141

The framework of international health research – secondary publication
Alexandra Yasmin Kruse & Ib Christian Bygbjerg
Dan Med Bul 2007;54(2):142-144

Pre- and postgraduate education in international health – secondary publication
Vibeke Brix Christensen, Marie L. Norredam, Hans Karle & Ralf P. Hemmingsen
Dan Med Bul 2007;54(2):145-146

International health at home: Learning from low-income countries – secondary publication
Peter Aaby
Dan Med Bul 2007;54(2):147-149

Child and adolescent health and development in a European perspective – a new WHO strategy – secondary publication
Mikael Meyer Østergren, & Vivian Barnekow
Dan Med Bul 2007;54(2):150-152

Sex-differential responses to preventive health interventions. Maybe we treat boys and girls differently when we treat them equally? – secondary publication
Christine Stabell Benn & Peter Aaby
Dan Med Bul 2007;54(2):153-154

Consequenses of collective violence with particular focus on the gender perspective – secondary publication
Karin Helweg-Larsen & Marianne C. Kastrup
Dan Med Bul 2007;54(2):155-156

The metabolic syndrome in a global perspective. The Public Health impact – secondary publication
Knut Borch-Johnsen
Dan Med Bul 2007;54(2):157-159

Global development of resistance – secondary publication
Niels Frimodt-Møller, Anette M. Hammerum, Line Bagger-Skjøt, Jonas H.R. Hessler, Christian T. Brandt, Robert L. Skov, & Dominique L. Monnet
Dan Med Bul 2007;54(2):160-162

HIV/AIDS’ spread and impact on other health-related Millennium Development Goals – secondary publication
Anita Alban, Nina Bjerglund Andersen
Dan Med Bul 2007;54(2):163-166

Maternal Death and the Millennium Development Goals
Vibeke Rasch
Dan Med Bul 2007;54(2):167-169

The economic impact of dengue hemorrhagic fever on family level in Southern Vietnam
Mette Lønstrup Harving, Frederikke Falkencrone Rönsholt
Dan Med Bul 2007;54(2):170-172

Metabolism and therapeutic drug monitoring of quetiapine
Jørgen Hasselstrøm, MSc
Dan Med Bul 2007;54(2):173

Long-lasting symptoms and signs after third molar surgery: Studies on pain mechanisms in patients and healthy human subjects
Gitte Irene Juhl
Dan Med Bul 2007;54(2):174

Studies of a T lymphocyte cell-line in the treatment of patients with metastatic melanoma: clinical and immunologic response
Lone Duval
Dan Med Bul 2007;54(2):175

Effect of antiretroviral therapy on metabolism and body composition in HIV-infected patients
Stine Johnsen
Dan Med Bul 2007;54(2):176

The potential of environmental chemicals to affect the aryl hydrocarbon receptor: A molecular and cellular study in vitro and ex vivo
Manhai Long
Dan Med Bul 2007;54(2):177

Primary and secondary tumours of the optic nerve – with emphasis on invasion of uveal malignant melanoma
Jens Lindegaard
Dan Med Bul 2007;54(2):178

Microbiological pesticides in green houses – a possible health risk
Preben Larsen
Dan Med Bul 2007;54(2):179

Modulation of cellular immune responses by bacterial products. Implications for Crohn’s disease
Christian Lodberg Hvas
Dan Med Bul 2007;54(2):180

Left ventricular performance during single chamber atrial, dual chamber and biventricular pacing
Andi Eie Albertsen
Dan Med Bul 2007;54(2):181

On the longevity of cemented hip prostheses and the influence on implant design
Mette Ørskov Sjøland
Dan Med Bul 2007;54(2):182

From gene to function: conditional knockout of four splice variants of the murine SorCS1 gene
Karen-Marie Pedersen
Dan Med Bul 2007;54(2):183

Birth outcome in Danish women with breast cancer, cutaneous malignant melanoma and Hodgkin’s disease
Vivian Langagergaard
Dan Med Bul 2007;54(2):184

Postoperative rehabilitation. Effect of erythropoietin and caffeine
Charlotte Buchard Norager
Dan Med Bul 2007;54(2):185

Chemotherapy in advanced bladder cancer: analyses of treatment options and identification of molecular prognostic factors
Anne Birgitte Als
Dan Med Bul 2007;54(2):186

The role of vitamin D in the pathogenesis and treatment of tuberculosis
Christian Morberg Wejse
Dan Med Bul 2007;54(2):187

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philosophy and clinical theory, founded in 1809
Dan Med Bul 2007;54(2):188