No. 2. May 2006. Volume 53. Pages 105-231

Metallothionein I + II expression and roles during neuropathology in the CNS
Milena Penkowa
Dan Med Bul 2006;53(2):105-21

Aspects of the molecular and functional genetics in T1DM. A study of selected candidate genes
Jesper Johannesen
Dan Med Bul 2006;53(2):122-71

Studies on serum YKL-40 as a biomarker in diseases with inflammation, tissue remodelling, fibroses and cancer
Julia S. Johansen
Dan Med Bul 2006;53(2):172-209

Prevalent pain and pain level among torture survivors. A follow-up study
Dorte Reff Olsen, Edith Montgomery, Jessica Carlsson, and Anders Foldspang
Dan Med Bul 2006;53(2):210-14

Influence of estrogen receptor polymorphisms on bone mass, body composition, lipid profile and response to hormone therapy
Anne Bloch Thomsen
Dan Med Bul 2006;53(2):215

Identification and characterization of new potential oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes in human colorectal cancer
Sanne Kirstine Harder Olesen
Dan Med Bul 2006;53(2):216

Detection pattern and outcome assessment in adolescent idiopathic scoliosis
Karen Petra Weigert
Dan Med Bul 2006;53(2):217

In vivo and in vitro studies of arterial calcifications in diabetes. The association to osteoprotegerin and the influence of hormonal and metabolic factors
Ping Liu Olesen
Dan Med Bul 2006;53(2):218

Structural and functional characterization of the Vps10p-domain receptor SorCS2
Susanne Louise Schousboe Sjøgaard
Dan Med Bul 2006;53(2):219

Short- and long-term effects of fatty acids on pancreatic alpha cell function: studies in vitro
Jing Hong
Dan Med Bul 2006;53(2):220

Homocysteine and cardiovascular risk. Effect of lifestyle in relation to MTHFR(C677T) genotype
Lise Lotte Nystrup Husemoen
Dan Med Bul 2006;53(2):221

Can risk of radiotherapy-induced normal tissue complications be predicted from genetic profiles?
Christian Nicolaj Andreassen
Dan Med Bul 2006;53(2):222

Genome-wide gene expression profiling of early bladder cancer, and functional characterization of target genes, using microarrays
Mads Aaboe Jensen
Dan Med Bul 2006;53(2):223

Genetic aspects of human obesity. Studies of the candidate genes: MC4R, GHSR, ghrelin, PPARG2P and ESRRA
Lesli Hingstrup Larsen
Dan Med Bul 2006;53(2):224

Genetic organization and expression profiling of the Plasmodium falciparum var gene repertoire
Thomas Lavstsen
Dan Med Bul 2006;53(2):225

Myocardial perfusion and glucose uptake in patients with type 2 diabetes and ischaemic heart disease
Hanne Maare Søndergaard
Dan Med Bul 2006;53(2):226

Gene expression and DNA damage responses in human aging and premature aging syndromes
Kasper Kyng
Dan Med Bul 2006;53(2):227

Pig and mouse transgenesis for animal disease models
Peter Michael Kragh
Dan Med Bul 2006;53(2):228

Mycoplasma genitalium as a human pathogen and its potential role in infertility. Molecular, diagnostic and clinical trials
Helle Friis Svenstrup
Dan Med Bul 2006;53(2):229

Hypoglycaemia in type 1 diabetes assessed by continuous glucose monitoring
Thomas Høi-Hansen

Dan Med Bul 2006;53(2):230

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