No. 2. May 2005. Volume 52. Pages 35-112

Glucose uptake in normal and ischemically jeopardized myocardium measured by 18F-fluorodeoxyglucose and Positron Emmision Tomography
Klaus Fuglsang Kofoed
Dan Med Bul 2005;52(2):35-63

Differential effects of alternatives to hormone replacement therapy in postmenopausal healthy women
Nina H. Bjarnason
Dan Med Bul 2005;52(2):64-81


Risk assessment and treatment of dyslipidemia in primary health care
Helle Kanstrup, Jens Flensted Lassen, Lene Heickendorff, Torsten Lauritzen & Mogens Lytken Larsen
Dan Med Bul 2005;52(2):82-85

Physical activity for primary prevention of disease.
Systematic reviews of randomised clinical trials

Katrine Karmisholt, Finn Gyntelberg & Peter C. Gøtzsche
Dan Med Bul 2005;52(2):86-89

Physical activity for secondary prevention of disease.
Systematic reviews of randomised clinical trials

Katrine Karmisholt & Peter C. Gøtzsche
Dan Med Bul 2005;52(2):90-94


Cultured human mast cells
Christine Dahl
Dan Med Bul 2005;52(2):95

Urinary orosomucoid excretion in patients with diabetes.
Results from cohort studies, pathophysiological investigations and
assay validation

Merete Skovdal Christiansen
Dan Med Bul 2005;52(2):96

Radical radiotherapy in bladder cancer. Prognostic variables
for survival, morbidity, and target volume definitions

Lars Fokdal
Dan Med Bul 2005;52(2):97

Altered gene and protein expression in corneal epithelium from keratoconus patients
Kim Nielsen
Dan Med Bul 2005;52(2):98

Cosmetic and reconstructive breast implantation.
Establishment of a nationwide registry and prospective evaluation
of local complications

Trine Foged Henriksen
Dan Med Bul 2005;52(2):99

Self-management of oral anticoagulant therapy
Thomas Decker Christensen
Dan Med Bul 2005;52(2):100

Systematic 3D ultrasound evaluation of breast lesions
Carsten Riis
Dan Med Bul 2005;52(2):101

The electrophysiological examination of polyneuropathy in Europe
and the influence of medical audit

Hatice Tankisi
Dan Med Bul 2005;52(2):102

Cerebral metabolites, proteins and cerebral blood flow in patients
with subarachnoid hemorrhage, delayed ischaemic neurological deficits and infarction of the brain

Jane Skjøth-Rasmussen
Dan Med Bul 2005;52(2):103

Pharmaco-economic aspects of osteoporosis: communication of treatment effects and economic evaluation of interventions
Palle Mark Christensen
Dan Med Bul 2005;52(2):104

The relative importance of genetic and environmental effects in the regulation of thyroid function and size. A study of healthy Danish twins
Pia Skov Hansen
Dan Med Bul 2005;52(2):105

Dyspepsia in general practice
Hans Christian Kjeldsen
Dan Med Bul 2005;52(2):106

Organic dust and inflammatory markers. Relations between respiratory symptoms, lung function and inflammation of the airways
Jakob Hjort Bønløkke
Dan Med Bul 2005;52(2):107

Zinc ions in the pancreas - with special emphasis on β-cells and

Liselotte G. Søndergaard
Dan Med Bul 2005;52(2):108

Design and evaluation of a bladder volume surveillance system
Niels Kristian Kristiansen
Dan Med Bul 2005;52(2):109

Aquaporin 2 excretion in urine in humans. A study of urinary aquaporin 2 excretion after felodipine, furosemide, and fasting in healthy humans,
and after furosemide in patients with chronic heart failure

Jørn Starklint
Dan Med Bul 2005;52(2):110

Management of dyspepsia in general practice. Health Technology Assessment based on a randomised controlled trial
Dorte Ejg Jarbøl
Dan Med Bul 2005;52(2):111

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Dan Med Bul 2005;52(2):112