No. 2. May 2004. Volume 51. Pages 155-250

Gene transfer into human epidermis as an experimental model
for somatic gene therapy

Thomas Gryesten Jensen
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(2):155-166

Methylprednisolone treatment, immune activation, and intrathecal inflammation in multiple sclerosis
Finn Sellebjerg
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(2):167-183

Parathyroid hormone regulation in normal and uremic rats.
Reversibility of secondary hyperparathyroidism after experimental
kidney transplantation

Ewa Lewin
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(2):184-206

Referral bias in hospital register studies of geographical and industrial differences in health
Helle Soll-Johanning, Harald Hannerz & Finn Tüchsen
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(2):207-210

Fat distribution and all-cause mortality
Janne Bigaard
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(2):211

Ocular malignant melanoma. Epidemiological and clinical aspects
Peter Isager
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(2):212

Prenatal alcohol exposure as predictor of attention deficit and other behavioural problems in 6 to 7 year olds
Gitte Leth Møller
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(2):213

Doppler ultrasound in the detection and quantification of inflammation
in rheumatoid arthritis

Lene Terslev
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(2):214

The immunomodulatory actions of CTB and its use as an adjuvant for antigen-specific oral tolerance induction in autoimmune diabetes
Mikala Wang
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(2):215

Carbonic anhydrase inhibition: the effect on retinal and optic nerve oxygenation and the mechanisms of action
Daniella Bach Pedersen
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(2):216

UVB-induced apoptosis of human epidermal cells: the role of Fas (CD95)
and caspase-independent mechanisms

Bo Bang
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(2):217

Functional differentiation of mitral valve chordae tendineae.
Impact of ring annuloplasty

Mads Lomholt
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(2):218

White coat hypertension – 10 years follow-up
Pia Helene Gustavsen
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(2):219

The diabetic macroangiopathy considered from a vascular biological
point of view. Hyaluronic acid and its receptor’s (CD44) formation
and influence on the vessel wall

Kirsten Schultz
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(2):220

General practitioners and somatising patients. Development and
evaluation of a short-term training programme in assessment
and treatment of functional disorders

Marianne Rosendal
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(2):221

Ole Bang and the last Hippocratic medicine. A study of Danish medicine
in the first half of the 19th century

Morten A. Skydsgaard
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(2):222

Aspects of the natural history of childhood leukaemia
Lisa Lyngsie Hjalgrim
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(2):223

Haemochromatosis in a population of Danish men. A study of penetrance
Palle Pedersen
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(2):224

Molecular changes in acute myeloid leukaemia. Towards a framework
for prognostication

Lene Hyldahl Olesen
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(2):225

5-HT2 receptors and paced mating behaviour in the female rat
Per Nedergaard
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(2):226

Cognitive performance, psychiatric symptoms, and health related quality
of life in patients with Graves’ disease. Clinical and MR spectroscopic abnormalities

Tina Vraamark Elberling
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(2):227

Molecular genetic characterisation of multiple acyl-CoA dehydrogenation deficiency
Rikke Katrine Jentoft Olsen
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(2):228

The objectives of medical education: which, how and why?
Anne Mette Mørcke
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(2):229

Systemic lupus erythematosus. A population-based study on epidemiology and autoimmunity
Helle Laustrup
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(2):230

Prescribing of antidepressants: a pharmacoepidemiological study of patient and physician factors in general practice
Dorte Gilså Hansen
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(2):231

Morbidity and mortality in parents who lost a child. Follow-up studies
based on national registers in Denmark

Jiong Li
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(2):232

Learning and teaching in clerkships
Gitte Wichmann-Hansen
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(2):233

The epidemiology of atrial fibrillation. The Copenhagen City Heart Study
Jens Friberg
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(2):234

Musculoskeletal chest pain in patients with stable angina pectoris. Diagnosis and treatment
Henrik Wulff Christensen
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(2):235

Clonality, regulatory properties and homing potential of cultured
gut-derived T cells from patients with Crohn’s disease

Jens Kelsen
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(2):236

Vaginal prolapse surgery. Surgical activity, postoperative treatment, hospital stay, and convalescence
Marianne Ottesen
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(2):237

Genetic and epigenetic alterations of the blood group ABO gene
in oral potentially malignant lesions and squamous cell carcinoma

Shan Gao
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(2):238

Lung function in infants
Lotte Loland
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(2):239

Disparities in suicide among the old and oldest old in Denmark
Annette Erlangsen
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(2):240

Mental disorder and violence among young criminals. A clinical- and register-based study
Niels Patrick Gosden
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(2):241

The experience of illness and treatment in intensively treated patients
with acute myeloid leukaemia

Lone Smidstrup Friis
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(2):242

Screening for functional and mental disorders in general practice.
Results from a randomised clinical trial

Kaj Sparle Christensen
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(2):243

Skin and eye lens as biological UVR dosimeters
Jane Sandby-Møller
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(2):244

High frequency skin ultrasound and knemometry in children
treated with glucocorticoids

Anders Jørgen Schou
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(2):245

Microdialysis for the investigation of gentamicin in bone tissue.
An experimental study

Lars Bjørn Stolle
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(2):246

Cardiovascular ATP-sensitive potassium channels. Experimental and clinical studies
Ulrik Markus Mortensen
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(2):247

Novel insights into the antineoplastic effect of amino-bisphosphonates
in the treatment of multiple myeloma

Morten Salomo
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(2):248

Muscle tissue composition and physiological responses to
low-level contractions

Pernille Kofoed Nielsen
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(2):249

Lifestyle prevention in animal diabetes (type 2). Effect of exercise and energy restriction
Michele Colombo
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(2):250