No. 1. February 2008. Volume 55. Pages 1-88


Oocyte maturation. Basic and clinical aspects of in vitro maturation (IVM) with special emphasis of the role of FF-MAS
Christian Grøndahl
Dan Med Bul 2008;55(1):1-16

The role of calcium-sensing receptor and signalling pathways in the pathophysiology in two in vitro models of malignant hypercalcemia: The rat rice H-500 leydig testis cancer and prostate cancer (PC-3) cells. Expression and regulation of pituitary tumor transforming gene in leydig testis cancer and astrocyte and astrocytoma cells
Jacob Tfelt-Hansen
Dan Med Bul 2008;55(1):17-46

Sun exposure behaviour among subgroups of the Danish population. Based on personal electronic UVR dosimetry and corresponding exposure diaries
Elisabeth Thieden
Dan Med Bul 2008;55(1):47-68

SurveillanceMapper: a simple method for creating an overview of quality data
Kjeld B. Poulsen
Dan Med Bul 2008;55(1):69-71

Advanced textile materials and biopolymers in wound management
Salvinija Petrulyte
Dan Med Bul 2008;55(1):72-77

Clinical epidemiological studies in patients with unexplained chest and/or epigastric pain
Estrid Muff Munk
Dan Med Bul 2008;55(1):78

Prognosis for ovarian cancer in Denmark 1980-2005. Studies of use of hospital discharge data to monitor and study prognosis and impact of comorbidity and venous thromboembolism on survival
Mette Skytte Tetsche
Dan Med Bul 2008;55(1):79

Pancreatic beta cell function and gene changes in animal diabetes studies with the histone acetyltransferase protein TIP60, isosteviol and soy protein
Iver Nordentoft
Dan Med Bul 2008;55(1):80

Studies of interleukin-20 expression in human keratinocytes and psoriasis
Kristian Otkjær
Dan Med Bul 2008;55(1):81

Morphology and pathoanatomy of the cervical spine facet joints in road traffic crash fatalities with emphasis on whiplash. A pathoanatomical and diagnostic imaging study
Lars Uhrenholt
Dan Med Bul 2008;55(1):82

Human detrusor muscle. Role of inflammatory mediators in interstitial cystitis
Kirsten Bouchelouche
Dan Med Bul 2008;55(1):83

In situ detection of RNA using circle probes and rolling circle DNA synthesis
Magnus Stougaard
Dan Med Bul 2008;55(1):84

Methods for the analysis of bio-molecules using rolling circle DNA synthesis
Jakob Schwalbe Lohmann
Dan Med Bul 2008;55(1):85

Delay in the diagnosis of cancer
Rikke Pilegaard Hansen
Dan Med Bul 2008;55(1):86

Respiratory diseases among pig farmers in relation to immunological reactions
Charlotte Hjort
Dan Med Bul 2008;55(1):87

Bibliotek for Læger. A journal devoted to medical history, ethics,
philosophy and clinical theory, founded in 1809
Dan Med Bul 2008;55(1):88