No. 1. February 2007. Volume 54. Pages 1-78


Pacing mode selection in patients with sick sinus syndrome
Jens Cosedis Nielsen
Dan Med Bul 2007;54(1):1-17

Acid-related disorders and use of antisecretory medication
Annemarie Touborg Lassen
Dan Med Bul 2007;54(1):18-30

ORIGINAL ARTICLES – Global health, topic edition, part 1
The global fight against diseases – a race against time. Editorial – secondary publication
b Christian Bygbjerg & Allan Krasnik, Professor
Dan Med Bul 2007;54(1):31

Global burden of disease – a race against time – secondary publication
Dan W. Meyrowitsch & Ib C. Bygbjerg
Dan Med Bul 2007;54(1):32-34

Global health: the ethical responsibility of the pharmaceutical industry – secondary publication
Lars Christian Lassen & Mads Krogsgaard Thomsen
Dan Med Bul v:35-36

Health development – a global perspective – secondary publication
Jørn Heldrup
Dan Med Bul 2007;54(1):37-38

International Child Health – secondary publication
Alexandra Y. Kruse & Birthe Høgh
Dan Med Bul 2007;54(1):39-41

Global mental health – secondary publication
Marianne C. Kastrup & Armando Báez Ramos
Dan Med Bul 2007;54(1):42-43

Global transition in health – secondary publication
Ib Christian Bygbjerg & Dan W. Meyrowitsch
Dan Med Bul 2007;54(1):44-45

Health effects of migration – secondary publication
Maria Kristiansen, Anna Mygind & Allan Krasnik
Dan Med Bul 2007;54(1):46-47

Migrants’ access to healthcare – secondary publication
Marie L. Norredam, Anette Sonne Nielsen & Allan Krasnik
Dan Med Bul 2007;54(1):48-49

Access to health care for undocumented immigrants: rights and practice – secondary publication
Anne Rytter Hansen, Allan Krasnik & Erling Høg
Dan Med Bul 2007;54(1):50-51

Too many chefs in Africa – secondary publication
Morten Sodemann
Dan Med Bul 2007;54(1):52-54

International nutrition and health – secondary publication
Henrik Friis
Dan Med Bul 2007;54(1):55-57

Acute pesticide poisoning – a global public health problem – secondary publication
Flemming Konradsen
Dan Med Bul 2007;54(1):58-59

The possibilities for the health sector to actively contribute to peace processes – secondary publication
Caecilie Buhmann
Dan Med Bul 2007;54(1):60-61

Socioeconomic correlates of drug use based on prescription data: A population-based cross-sectional register study in Denmark 1999
Jens T. Mortensen, Anne V. Olesen, Henrik Bøggild, Jørn Olsen & Niels C. Westergård-Nielsen
Dan Med Bul 2007;54(1):62-66

Reassessing the roles of the house-keeping sodium-dependent inorganic phosphate transporters PiT1 and PiT2
Pernille Bøttger
Dan Med Bul 2007;54(1):67

Knee Osteoarthritis. Hyaluronan treatment, pain modalities and Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Anette Jørgensen
Dan Med Bul 2007;54(1):68

A comparison of psychopathology, socio-economic status, cognitive function, personality traits and salivary cortisol in twins with and without a co-twin history of affective disorder
Maj Vinberg
Dan Med Bul 2007;54(1):69

Impact of genetic counselling for hereditary breast and ovarian cancer disposition on psychosocial outcomes and risk perception. A population-based follow-up study
Ellen M. Mikkelsen
Dan Med Bul 2007;54(1):70

PET/CT imaging in small cell lung cancer
Barbara Malene Fischer
Dan Med Bul 2007;54(1):71

Thymic function in inflammatory skin diseases. A measure of recent thymic emigrating T cells using the T cell receptor excision circle technique
Helle L. Just
Dan Med Bul 2007;54(1):72

Adaptation to strength training & whole-body vibration. With special emphasis on neuromuscular, hormonal and molecular responses
Thue Kvorning
Dan Med Bul 2007;54(1):73

n-3 fatty acids and cardiovascular disease in patients treated with chronic haemodialysis
My Hanna Sofia Svensson
Dan Med Bul 2007;54(1):74

The epidemiology of growth hormone deficiency – a nationwide study
Kirstine Stochholm
Dan Med Bul 2007;54(1):75

Aspects of insulin signalling in skeletal muscle
Niels Jessen
Dan Med Bul 2007;54(1):76

Allergic contact cermatitis to hair dye ingredients
Heidi Søsted
Dan Med Bul 2007;54(1):77

Bibliotek for Læger. A journal devoted to medical history, ethics,
philosophy and clinical theory, founded in 1809
Dan Med Bul 2007;54(1):78