No. 1. February 2006. Volume 53. Pages 1-104

Mycoplasma genitalium infections. Diagnosis, clinical aspects, and pathogenesis
Jørgen Skov Jensen
Dan Med Bul 2006;53(1):1-27

Rapid diagnoses of mycobacterial diseases, and their implication
on clinical management

Isik Somuncu Johansen
Dan Med Bul 2006;53(1):28-45

Lung function and bronchial repsonsiveness in young children.
Clinical and research application
Kim Gjerum Nielsen
Dan Med Bul 2006;53(1):46-75


Acute lymphoblastic leukemia in adolescents between 10 and 19 years
of age in Denmark – secondary publication

Schrøder H, Kjeldahl M, Boesen AM, Nielsen OJ, Schmidt K, Johnsen HE,
Gregersen H, Heyman M & Gustafsson G
Dan Med Bul 2006;53(1):76-79

Expression of Hsp27, Hsp60, and Hsc70 in paediatric c-ALL-,
normal precursor B- and B-cell populations

Peder Skov Wehner
Dan Med Bul 2006;53(1):80

DEXA-scanning in description of bone remodelling and osteolysis
around cementless acetabular cups

Mogens Berg Laursen
Dan Med Bul 2006;53(1):81

Calcineurin phosphatase activity measurements in renal transplant patients treated with cyclosporine and tacrolimus

Pernille Koefoed-Nielsen
Dan Med Bul 2006;53(1):82

The influence of iodine and tri-iodo-thyronine on autoimmune thyroid thyroiditis and type 1 diabetes mellitus in rats and application of stereological tools on the thyroid gland of rats
Marie-Louise Hartoft-Nielsen
Dan Med Bul 2006;53(1):83

The vitamin D-binding protein Gc. Measurement and clinical utility
Anna Lis Lauridsen

Dan Med Bul 2006;53(1):84

Muscle pain and the electromyography – experimental studies
at the motor endplate region

Erisela Qerama
Dan Med Bul 2006;53(1):85

Infection and vaccination in childhood and risk of allergy
and multiple sclerosis

Peter Bager
Dan Med Bul 2006;53(1):86

An experimental study on the pharmacokinetics of psychotropic drugs
with focus on the role of the drug transporter P-glycoprotein

Thomas Broeng Ejsing
Dan Med Bul 2006;53(1):87

The sympathetic nervous system in acute pain and in a human model
of complex regional pain syndrome

Astrid Juhl Terkelsen
Dan Med Bul 2006;53(1):88

Illness perceptions in primary care patients
Lisbeth Frostholm, Psychologist
Dan Med Bul 2006;53(1):89

Specific regulation of IL-8 and p53 promoters by NF-kB in HepG2 cells
Mads Kirchheiner Rasmussen
Dan Med Bul 2006;53(1):90

Effects of two GLP-1 mimetics (liraglutide and exenatide) on aspects
of glucose and lipidmetabolism and islet cell function in humans
during daily life conditions and during hypoglycaemia

Kristine Bruun Degn
Dan Med Bul 2006;53(1):91

Randomized double-blinded clinical investigation of roxithromycin
versus placebo as secondary and tertiary prevention in patients
with peripheral atherosclerosis

Jette Bang Joensen
Dan Med Bul 2006;53(1):92

Evaluation of palliative home care: views of patients, carers,
general practitioners and district nurses

Dorthe Goldschmidt
Dan Med Bul 2006;53(1):93

Vascular growth factors and stem cell therapy in ischaemic heart disease
Yongzhong Wang
Dan Med Bul 2006;53(1):94

Acute coronary syndrome: incidence and prognosis
Kirsten Melgaard Nielsen
Dan Med Bul 2006;53(1):95

Haematological malignancies and bacteraemia: Risk and prognosis
Mette Nørgaard
Dan Med Bul 2006;53(1):96

Ischaemic stroke and prognostic factors in elderly. Diurnal blood pressure variation and nutritional status
Peter Krogh Brynningsen
Dan Med Bul 2006;53(1):97

The effects of reverse Trendelenburg position on intracranial pressure cerebral perfusion pressure during craniotomy in patients with cerebral tumours and cerebral aneurysms
Alp Tankisi
Dan Med Bul 2006;53(1):98

Intracellular telomere length dynamics in human cells
Jesper Graakjaer
Dan Med Bul 2006;53(1):99

Vascular endothelial dysfunction in type 2 diabetes: prenatal causes and effect of ACE-inhibition
Thomas Steffen Hermann
Dan Med Bul 2006;53(1):100

Measurements of depressive illness and mental distress in the Danish general population
Lis Raabæk Olsen
Dan Med Bul 2006;53(1):101

Burnout in human service work – causes and consequences. Results
of 3-year follow-up of the PUMA study among human service workers
in Denmark

Marianne Borritz
Dan Med Bul 2006;53(1):102

Studies in the Danish Hip Arthroplasty Registry
Alma Becic Pedersen
Dan Med Bul 2006;53(1):103


Bibliotek for Læger. A journal devoted to medical history, ethics,
philosophy and clinical theory, founded in 1809

Dan Med Bul 2006;53(1):104