No. 1. February 2004. Volume 51. Pages 1-154

Influence of physical training on adipose tissue metabolism
– with special focus on effects of insulin and epinephrine

Bente Stallknecht
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(1):1-33

Significance and origin of DOPA, DOPAC, and dopamine-sulphate in plasma, tissues and cerebrospinal fluid
Ebbe Eldrup
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(1):34-62

Effects of highly active antiretroviral therapy among HIV-infected patients. Results from randomised and observational studies
Ole Kirk
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(1):63-81

Renal structure and function in type 2 diabetic patients with or without diabetic nephropathy
Per K. Christensen
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(1):82-103

Routine screening for diabetic eye complications in a population based cohort of 4438 persons with type 2 diabetes in a Danish county
Jette Kolding Kristensen, Annelli Sandbæk, Flemming Bro, Jens Flensted Lassen
& Torsten Lauritzen
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(1):104-107

Increased psychological distress among Danish gulf war veterans – without evidence for a neurotoxic background. The Danish Gulf War Study
Torben Ishøy, Joachim Knop, Poul Suadicani, Bernadette Guldager, Merete Appleyard & Finn Gyntelberg
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(1):108-113

Estimating the prevalence of problem opioid use in Copenhagen 1997-1998
Torben Ishøy, Lene Haastrup & Gordon Hay
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(1):114-116

Research ethical challenges in cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural
health research: the diversity of codes

Jens Aagaard-Hansen, Maria Vang Johansen & Povl Riis
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(1):117-120

Surveillance of routine practice for screening and monitoring of dyslipidaemia. A population based study in a large geographical area
Helle Kanstrup, Jens Flensted Lassen, Lene Heickendorff, Torsten Lauritzen, DMSc
& Mogens Lytken Larsen
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(1):121-124

The extrinsic neural control of large bowel motility
Inge Scheel Andersen
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(1):125

Metabotropic glutamate receptors: induction and modulation
of excitotoxicity

Morten Blaabjerg
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(1):126

Molecular cell pathology of autosomal dominant familial
neurohypophyseal diabetes insipidus

Jane H. Christensen
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(1):127

Virological, immunological and toxic effects of highly active
antiretroviral therapy in adult HIV-1 infection

Ulrik William Bak Dragsted
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(1):128

Hyperhomocysteinaemia due to folate deficiency.
Impact on haemostasis and vascular biology

Liselotte M. Sabroe Ebbesen
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(1):129

Classification of colorectal cancer using microarrays
Casper Møller Frederiksen
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(1):130

Ethical aspects of clinical trials involving acute patients
– described in relation to the DANAMI-2 trial

Anne Gammelgaard
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(1):131

Gender and depression: The impact of gender on the symptomatology
and diagnostic profile of depression and the clinical effects of antidepressant treatment

Malene Grubbe Hildebrandt
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(1):132

Like a thief in the night. A qualitative study of experiences and narratives related to bodily ageing and physical activity
Morten Hoff
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(1):133

Neurobehavioural teratology of maternal stress in combination
with chemical exposure in rats

Karin Sørig Hougaard
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(1):134

Pathophysiological aspects of nocturnal polyuria in healthy
elderly volunteers. An explorative study of the pharmacokinetics
and the effects of dDAVP on renal water and solute excretion

Gitte M. Hvistendahl
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(1):135

Skeletal muscle insulin resistance in type 2 diabetes investigated
by two approaches: studies of insulin signalling into glycogen synthase
and proteome analysis

Kurt Højlund
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(1):136

Influence of simvastatin on coronary artery remodelling.
Evaluation by three-dimensional IVUS

Lisette Okkels Jensen
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(1):137

Structure-function relationship of the A-M3 sector of Na+,K+-ATPase studied by site-directed mutagenesis
Mads Toustrup Jensen
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(1):138

Locked nucleic acid (LNA) as cancer-therapeutic agent
Jan Stenvang Jepsen
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(1):139

Epilepsy and febrile seizures in twins. Genetic and environmental aetiological factors
Marianne Juel Kjeldsen
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(1):140

Atrial fibrillation in patients with sick sinus syndrome.
Clinical and electrocardiographic predictors of atrial fibrillation
after pacemaker implantation

Lene Kristensen
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(1):141

Identification and characterization of genes involved in development
of resistance to antioestrogens in human breast cancer

Bettina Lundin Brockdorff
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(1):142

Thrombus and neointima formation after angioplasty.
Experiments in a porcine restenosis model

Michael Maeng
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(1):143

Molecular mechanisms of NF-κ B activation during viral infections
Trine Hyrup Mogensen
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(1):144

Inhalation of single chain urokinase plasminogen activator in pigs
exposed to severe gunshot trauma

Anna-Marie Bloch Münster
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(1):145

Environmental factors and atopic predisposition as predictors
for the development of asthma, rhinoconjunctivitis and other atopic diseases in mucous membranes in childhood

Lene Annette Norberg
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(1):146

A search for genes involved in bipolar affective disorder
and schizophrenia

Mette Nyegaard
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(1):147

Prolonged pregnancy: methods, causal determinants and outcome
Annette Wind Olesen
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(1):148

The effect of hypertonic saline infusion on plasma electrolytes
and immune function in humans

Jens Aage Kølsen Petersen
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(1):149

The epidemiology of heart failure. A survey of a middle-aged
and elderly urban population segment of Copenhagen

Ilan E. Raymond
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(1):150

Ultrasonography of the finger and toe joints in rheumatoid arthritis
Marcin Szkudlarek
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(1):151

Food intake patterns and development of obesity
Per Togo
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(1):152

Childhood hospitalisations in a West African city
Jens Erik Veirum
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(1):153

Fracture risk secondary to disease
Peter Vestergaard
Dan Med Bul 2004;51(1):154