Danish Medical Bulletin - No. 4. November 2009. Vol. 56 Page


The International Committee
of Medical Journal Editors is seeking two new member journals: extended deadline for applications


Due to the small number of applicants and The International Committee of Medical Journal Editors' (ICMJE) recent awareness that many journals interested in applying had not seen the initial announcement that was posted in late June 2009, the ICMJE has decided to extend the deadline for applications to November 30, 2009 (see below for details of application process).

The ICMJE is seeking two new member journals to be represented by their editors-in-chief. Information about the ICMJE is available at www.icmje.org.

Candidate journals should meet the following criteria:

  • a peer-reviewed, general medical journal

  • should represent geographic areas (Latin America, Asia, Africa) or publication models (open access) not well represented by current ICMJE members

  • having an editor who is knowledgeable about publication ethics

  • having an editor who expects to be in the position for at least three years.

To apply, editors-in-chief of interested journals should send electronic copies of the following to the ICMJE secretariat (Christine Laine at claine@acponline.org) by November 30, 2009:

  • a brief curriculum vitae

  • a description of the journal (age, sponsor/publisher, publishing model (subscription model, author pays, open access, etc.), target audience, circulation, number of manuscript submissions/year, description of the peer review process used to select material for publication, acceptance rate, bibliographical databases where indexed, website address if applicable, copy of guidelines for authors)

  • a statement on why the journal/editor wants to be an ICMJE member (should not exceed 1000 words in length)

  • some contact information.

The ICMJE-group

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